Review – Weapon of Choice DX

Review – Weapon of Choice DX

Weapon of Choice DX, a Mommy’s Best Games production, is a bullet hell side scrolling shooter adventure where the player has three characters with different weapons to play as with more unlockable along the way. This squad is required to eliminate an alien threat and save the world while trying to survive through the hordes of invading enemies.

Each round starts with the player choosing from the unique squad members. From Xerxes and his jet plane engine style weapon, which both allows him to set aliens on fire and propel himself in the air, to Moses Longhorn’s satellite laser weapon which allows for heavy alien damage. The player has a few different options to start with and can use the operator with their weapon of choice. Each operator also has a spider backpack for attaching to walls and ceilings.


The objective is to kill everything that moves, or nothing at all, and reach the boss fight for each branch of the level and defeat it to move on. While the player is exploring, they may come across downed squad members that must be rescued for them to become available to play in later levels. The squad member has room on his back to rescue one person per level and for a successful extraction, the boss must be defeated to complete level.


In Weapon of Choice DX, the player only has one hit before their squad member is downed and must be rescued. Although, before the fatal blow the mechanic of Death Brushing activates. Death Brushing is a bullet time like mechanic that focuses on the incoming threat and alerts the player to it by putting a target around it and slowing down all movements. During this time, the player must move away from the enemy, bullets, or spikes before being hit. This can be quite annoying as Death Brushing slows down the player and displays odd skulls and disrupts the gameplay more than it helps avoiding being hit.


The story of Weapon of Choice is pretty sparce in detail and is super short. The squad must fight back the alien invasion or choose another path and help them instead. Each path provides about a page worth of text to read throughout each playthrough and has zero depth to the plot.


Even with the option between several difficulties, Weapon of Choice DX seems to come up short as the player only ever has one hit per squad member and three lives in total before having to restart. This can be a bit tough especially from the Hard difficulty and up.


The controls are also a bit tough to master as both the jump and weapon switch buttons are on the triggers and not a standard button for both these actions. It made it awkward at times with missing key jumps or switching weapons quickly to the point of a plethora of deaths being incurred.

As a single-player game this is good for a couple of hours of fun but doesn’t have the depth that you would look for in a bullet hell type game as there is nothing to unlock aside from a few other squad members with certain weapons to be rescued. It never felt as if rescuing a certain squad member changed the game all that greatly.

If parenting duties arise, the pause button is quite useful, but a run takes roughly twenty minutes, and a break is never far away with how easy death comes. This isn’t one for the small children, but teenagers would not have any issues with the content shown in Weapon of Choice DX.

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Rob for One More Game

5 – Average – This game doesn’t hit it out of the ball park but it does provide a solid experience, with a few issues here and there. As an average game, fans of the genre or series may get more enjoyment out of it, but it’s worth a try for the average gamer, at a discount price.

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Weapon of Choice DX was reviewed on Nintendo Switch and is also available on Xbox One/Series S, PlayStation 4/5 and PC.

A digital code was kindly provided for the purpose of this review. Our thoughts are ours and ours alone.

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