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Override 2: Super Mech League from Modus Games is not your ordinary fighting game. It’s a title that sees the player take control of one of 20 battle mechs in a fight to the mechanical death. 

 Override 2 is set seven years after the war on Earth with the Xenotypes has concluded. After being victorious, the mechs that were once used in galactic battle are now being used in a battle of a more entertaining variety. The player takes on the role of a pilot to control one of the many mechs in a battle to true mechanical destruction to entertain the masses. 

Unfortunately, Override 2 does not offer a true story mode and it is purely about finding a favourite mech and pulverizing others. Players have many options right from the start to help find their feet and pick which mech suits their play style best. These options include: 

  • Training – It’s here where players can learn the basics, test out different mechs and help better skills for the tougher opponents. 
  • Quick play – jump in, pick a mech and fight a random opponent or opponents in a 1 v 1 or up to 4 player battle 
  • Versus – this is a straight up battle mode but offers more customisation than quick play. Here you can pick mechs, game types and other options to battle it out with friends, random online opponents or with AI in a match of the players choosing. 
  • League - this is the main game mode of Override 2 and offers players a campaign-style experience.  


League mode brings the player more variety and has the player taking the role of a rookie pilot with the aim to reach the big leagues of the Super Mech League. Players will do this by competing in different game types and ranking up in each via victory. Rank milestones across the game types will see the player move from a Rookie, through Veteran and up to Pro, unlocking different game types along the way. To add to the mech battles of league mode, the player has a mentor/coach who adds a bit of commentary. The mentor also identifies challenge opportunities that are used to impress pilot sponsors and present opportunities to earn extra credits.  The mentor/coach feels a bit out of place and her interaction becomes repetitive very quickly and sadly so does this mode, as it felt like I was grinding away too quickly. 


Credits are earned through participating in League mode matches and can be spent on unlocking mechs to be used once the player leaves the rookie leagues. The player can also purchase customisation items for their mechs, although they do not serve any purpose other than looks. This feels like a missed opportunity to be able to customise your mech and the way it plays, but in hindsight, this is no different to most other fighting games.  

Each of Override 2’s battles are undertaken in a purpose built arena that offers the combatants a varied, visually pleasing, destructible and interactive environment. The arenas are also well sized to ensure the battle keeps raging on and does not just become a game of hide and seek. 


The controls bring players the usual light and heavy attacks, grappling, dash along with special attacks that are triggered through pressing 2 buttons at the same time. Although the button presses offer attacks that can be categorised as above, the actual attacks vary based on the mech chosen and bring a variety of melee and ranged attacks to the stadium. The controls work as any other fighting game does with the difference being that light and heavy attacks are assigned to the bumpers and triggers in this game instead of the usual face buttons of other fighting games. It works well for this title and even worked for my kids when they gave it a shot. 

On the family front, this game brings violence that is comparable with a Transformers cartoon, so if parents are fine with the cartoon then they will be fine for the kids to enjoy this one. The parents will also be able to enjoy this one with the kids as it brings couch co-op as well as online play and AI battles. Each match is extremely short and can be done in a few minutes, so sneaking a quick battle in is easily done and pausing can be done if not battling online opponents. Unfortunately in Australia, this reviewer was not able to find online opponents for any game modes and instead battled the AI in league mode or with family and friends on the couch. 

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Xbox Gamer Dad for One More Game 

 7/10 – Good – This is an all-round solid game that delivers some features really well. It’s a game that most gamers will likely enjoy. If you’re not a fan of the game or genre then you may want to wait for a deal before picking it up. 

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Override 2: Super Mech League was reviewed on an Xbox Series X and is available for purchase on Nintendo Switch, Playstation4/5, Xbox One/Series S/X and PC.

The publisher kindly provided code for this game. All thoughts on this game are ours and ours alone. 

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