Quick Byte Review – Jeopardy!

From Frima Studio and Ubisoft, this recreation of the much loved television quiz show lets players live out their dreams of winning big in Jeopardy.

Players vie for the largest sum of money in this question and answer style quiz show that also throws in special ‘wagers’ to allow doubling of your wager, only if you respond correctly! In an added quirk, the contestants must answer the question, with the correct answer, in the style of another question.

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The game consists of three rounds, with the first two being preliminary rounds where the player accumulates a monetary value to wager in the “Final Jeopardy” round and where the highest total takes the win.

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Questions are asked on a variety of subjects, where at the end of each game the player can ‘level up’ and get new categories. Correct answers are awarded the monetary value selected on that level of question, however, wrong answers will see the player losing that amount from their total.

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Whilst the standard game on TV has a time limit, this game does not and for those who are pressed for time or even a little impatient. There is also a quick mode, where the categories are cut to four and the level of questions set to three per category.

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Just like the TV show, the game allows for up to three contestants to take part with a “Family Mode” available for you to challenge friends and family to a round of Jeopardy. Additionally, you can challenge other online players to a match – and with a worldwide leader board on show, you can ensure your superior intellect lives on!

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The final game mode offers a ‘Daily Challenge” that has the player answer six questions in a row, from categories they select, with points awarded for correctness and speediness. Points go towards upgrading the player’s categories and unlocking even more questions.

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An enjoyable game, that comes with all the trimmings – albeit sans Alex Trebek, this fun and simple game is likely to become a household staple on game nights.

Final Verdict

+ Fun for the whole family

+ Simple, yet addictive.

– No Alex Trebek!!

Score: 7/10

Keg for One More Game

Jeopardy was reviewed on an Xbox One X and is available now on sale via the Microsoft Store. It is also available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Bonus pic – I was so bad that I finished in last place!

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