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Gamer Fatigue

Good afternoon everyone.

I sit down lately, turn the console on and flick between game after game still undecided on what to play half an hour later. I then proceed to switch to Netflix and watch a few episodes of another series. This last week or so I’ve changed games so many times (thank you digital downloads) that I don’t accomplish anything in my game time.

It’s quite a weird feeling for someone who has been gaming for a good 20+ years but it was bound to happen sometime. Life evolves and so do your priorities. It doesn’t mean you quit gaming all together, you’re just restricted to what and when you play which is what we do as parents. We prioritise family over all other things.

The place I’m at in the game space though feels like a lack of objective and motivation crossed with a sense of tiredness. This feeling keeps me undecided on what to put my little bit of free time into now that the family is in bed. No game jumps out and yells “play me” and my friends playing a game doesn’t help me either. It’s a weird feeling for a gamer as I have so many awesome games in my possession to enjoy. I don’t feel that it’s about the quality of games either, I’ve just hit a temporary wall. Gaming fatigue has really set in at the moment and I’ve so many awesome games to play but the motivation isn’t there. After chatting with a few people about this I’ve discovered that the fact that I have so many incomplete games could be the issue. Having too much to play does not allow you to invest yourself fully into one story so I really need to reset and refocus.

So it’s time to give my motivation a kick start.

Where to start though? For me, a reset maybe? Head back into one of the awesome backward compatible titles that I loved and just play. No need to worry about the campaign as it’s already been completed, just find some awesome co-op fun and go crazy. From there it is time to reprioritize. Pick a game from each of the below categories and stick with it until the end. These categories are a single player/campaign focus, a multiplayer to play with the group and then a family game to play with my son on occasions. The hopes around this are that it focuses my attention in specific directions after my reset and stops me spreading myself too thin. It also allows the situation to help dictate the game I play as well, therefore removing the indecision.

This may sound familiar to you and may be something you’ve experienced in your gaming life. Above are my thoughts on how I plan to tackle it but have you been unlucky enough to encountered this? How did you overcome it?

Let’s have a chat below.

XBGD Matt.


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