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Buyers Remorse

Good afternoon XBGD’ers

The extremely quick sale of the Borderlands Diamond Loot Chest Collectors Edition triggered some discussions within the XBGD group around collectors editions, what we have and haven’t been able to get and more.

An interesting topic to come out of this was buyers regret and how situations like the quick sale of the Borderlands Loot Chest and buyers regret run hand in hand.

We all know that big game limited run collectors editions sell fast as they bring with them:
* The hype of the game itself.
* Collector and fan FOMO.
* Buyers looking to make a profit by getting in before others who actually want the collector edition.

The fact that there are so many people that want to get in on these from the beginning means that you as a buyer must make a commitment and accept the risk of buying these prior to going on sale. This decision brings a number of risks such as not actually liking the game, not liking the physical contents or both. Although it is a risk that a lot of us are willing to take, just to secure something potentially unique and limited. There’s also the fact that taking that leap to possible disappointment is a lot cheaper than forking out double the money on eBay.

To a fan of these games the risk is 100% worth it, but how often are people disappointed with the purchase?

Sometimes the risk doesn’t pay off, as purchasing prior to release means that information is not always 100% confirmed. We’re also regularly met with temporary images and sometimes even items have been substituted or replaced on release day for various reasons. So it’s no surprise that disappointment can follow on collectors edition purchases that has a significant outlay due to the hype, the lack of information and more.

The problem now is that each of these factors mean that it’s not likely to change anytime soon. Even with moving into the age of digital purchases, these things still sell extremely fast. Therefore we will now need to be even quicker off the mark to get a collectors edition, while accepting the risk that is accompanied with the purchase. It’s a big risk to take when you are still 5 months out from the release of a game.

I will admit I have been caught up in the hype and purchased a number of collectors editions. Some of the collectors edition I own are both the Titanfall helmet and statue, Modern Warfare 2 night vision goggles, Halo 3 Master Chief helmet, Black Ops 3 Zombies fridge and more recently the Black Ops 4 mystery box. The lucky thing for me is that I don’t really have any buyers remorse from any of the collectors editions I own. But what about you? What is that one collectible that you pre-ordered and then got it and have wondered “Why did I make this purchase?” What made you question the purchase? Was it the quality of the items, the value for money or something else?

We’d love to discuss these question and your thoughts on collectors edition in the comments below.


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